7 Ways to Maximize Every Workout

  1. Be well-fueled, well hydrated, well rested and take care of your body.
  1. Get to the workout early. Don’t wait for it to start, prepare for it. Making 100 extra shots before every workout will have an enormous compound effect.
  1. Approach each workout with a game-like mentality. How you do anything is how you do everything.
  1. Listen with your eyes. Your coach won’t say it if it’s not important. Absorb everything your coaching staff and teammates say with eye contact.
  1. Leave your comfort zone every workout. Leave it mentally. Leave it physically. Leave it emotionally. You should be drained at the end of every workout.
  1. Make your enthusiasm contagious. Raise the level of those around you with constant energy. Be vocal.
  1. Be a ‘Glue Guy’. By definition, glue binds and holds things together. Be the glue on your team.

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